Westlake AD713 tyre test result

June 2017—ZC Rubber has tested Westlake AD713 315/80R22.5 on its trucks and received a good result in relation to high mileage and wear resistance when used for one year of driving.

The tests began from April 2016 to March 2017. The fleet selected not only the Westlake tyres, but also an international tyre brand A and a Chinese tyre brand B. They were fitted in different positions on the trailers to obtain the survey results.

Westlake tyres supplies for 3000 DSV trailers

Germany (3 March 2017). As the sole original equipment fitter, Westlake tyres will fit tyres on the 3000 DSV trailers and continue to expand on the OE market for the fleets in Europe in the coming year.

Since the beginning of 2015, DSV has ordered 3000 trailers from Schmitz Cargobull AG, a famous German manufacturer of semi-trailers, trailers and truck bodies. The trailers have been delivered successively and the volume of the follow-up order will also be processed continuously over the next two years.
In the year 2017, ZC Rubber, the largest tyre manufacturer in mainland China, began cooperating with Schmitz Cargobull AG and DSV, and will continue to be of better service to them with premium tyres.

Westlake Team once again successful at the Bosch Vino Miglia 2017 in Germany

Germany — The German Westlake rally team Lambert/Hennen came in the top 5 of 51 teams during the 11. Bosch Vino Miglia Classic Rally, and was rated the best car overall on first day.

This event is one of the hardest classic rallies in Europe, with about 2000 kilometres of rally in eight days with timed sections where the teams have to pass to the exact tenth of a second.

Westlake Tyres sponsored EEDC in Hungary

Hungary: Westlake Tyres sponsored Eastern European Drift Championship (EEDC), which took place in Hungary from 13 to 14 May. Ge Guorong, Vice President of ZC Rubber, arrived and experienced a driver using Westlake SPORT RS tyres.

Westlake held an exhibition at the Rabocsiring Mariapocs to introduce more detailed product information to potential customers. The EEDC, founded in 2010, one of the famous series of races in Europe, attracted the craziest drivers from throughout Europe, including the excellent Westlake team. Its membership covers Russia, Latvia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Belarus, Poland and Hungary etc.